Yay for Blessings! Our Little Bochog’s Kyle First Birthday Party!

After gazillion weeks, I’m blogging again! I hope everyone is fine after all this #BagyongMaring madness. Our home is leaking through the ceiling and right now it is under repair… but Maring… why can’t you stop?



Yes! FINALLY! IT’S ALL DONE!! Yep, my son, Kyle’s birthday was the reason why I wasn’t able to blog for the past 2 weeks. I know I should be learning how to do time management between blogging and party planning but every time I plan to work on my blog post, I end up opening my Pinterest site for party ideas. You see, Marve insisted on doing everything DIY (Do-It-Yourself) for the party so, I have been busting my ass off just to do everything I can to make my son’s 1st birthday, the most awesome one!

Somehow, I did it!

Yay for blessings!

Remember my last post wherein I ranted on how hard it is to plan children’s parties nowadays? Kase naman the pressure! Now, I understood why. It’s part of the essence of being a modern mom. Yehes! May essence pa ako nalalaman! With all the modern and dainty things around us like paper lanterns, fondant cakes, sweet cupcakes, glossy balloons and etc., you just can’t find any reason not to make your child’s birthday a fabulous one. Everything you need is in Divisoria or even in Facebook online stores. You just have to find time to juice up your creative minds! Oh well, there’s Pinterest!

For almost 2 months, Marve and I have been going to Divisoria to get party supplies, getting ideas from different party websites, and trying to think of ways on how to make everything look so awesome, without exceeding our budget (well, that’s why we did DIY). Not that we are being tight for our son, but we just felt that prices of party suppliers are overrated and, well, we believe in our skills. Marve can climb the ladder, place the party decors and do all those manly stuff while I, on the other hand, can do those crafty projects and digital, Adobe layout or whatever you call it. It’s a good combination!


On the night before the party, Aristocrat Manila told us that there were no more events scheduled after 3 pm, so they gave us the go signal to set up our party decors. They were so accommodating to the idea that we are doing everything by ourselves and they helped us along the way.  Marve was so tired and I was so stressed because my DIY projects were not finished yet but we just had to go there and start the set up, so that we can sleep peacefully. Thank God for my Ninang Cherry for making Kyle’s guestbook and for our Kuya Tegi, Marve’s cousin, for coming all the way from Pampanga just to help us in setting up the venue. That saved me big time! 

Thank God also for Aristocrat Manila for allowing us to set up on the day before… If we started setting up hours before the party… We were doomed!!!

We started at 10:00 pm. Can you imagine how sleepy we all were? But we had to hear mass before anything else. Upon arrival at the venue, we immediately inflated all our balloons and the boys started pinning the cloth decors on the ceiling (which was very hard to do!).  I, on other hand, did my hot air balloons table centerpieces while mom was commanding everyone in the room and pressuring us to finish early because she knew that Kyle won’t sleep without me and, of course, the milk that I provide. Everyone was sweaty and were trying to be to calm but it was really stressful to figure out how those commercial party people placed those party decors up on the ceiling and… well… maximize the cloth that we had. I really suck in estimating measurements. The venue was so big!!!

Finally, we finished by 2 am. We were all tired, hungry and sleepy but still we did not finish what we had planned to do so, we just ate our stresses away with cup noodles and sandwiches. Whew! Kalurkei!  Of course, we had to sleep while dreaming what we were going to do with the remaining 100 balloons.  We also had to wake up early the next day to execute our “dream” plans and well… pick up the cake!

As usual, we woke up late. Because of too much panic within me, I didn’t know how to react anymore. I just took a bath, picked up the cake with Papa at Glorietta, returned home then left again, this time with Marve and Kya Tegi, for Aristocrat! Dun dun dun…. Panic mode! THEN IT STARTED RAINING VERY HARD! While we we were on our way to Aristocrat, I was literally crying on the inside because I was already worrying that people won’t come because of the freaking weather. We almost told Aristocrat’s party coordinator to limit our tables because, maybe, people would not show up BUT….



We ended up asking for more tables and chairs and some of them even ate outside the function hall. Awwww, my Merville Youth Community friends! I love you guys! We actually reserved the place for 100 people because only 120 confirmed for the party. We were anticipating that even if 120 people confirmed, only a hundred or less would attend. It’s an (BAD!) ugaling Pilipino wherein a person would confirm then, eventually, won’t attend. I actually had bad memories regarding this. Anyway, guests slowly filled up the venue and the food was starting to be scarce. All the time, I was in panic  because I already saw some grumpy and hungry guests.

Plus, Kyle was becoming cranky because he was sleepy na…


So after a few minutes…


BOOM! Don Facundo is asleep!

I spent the rest of the time entertaining our guests and making sure that the additional food arrived and tables and chairs  were provided for the standing guests. I really want to thank my guests so much for attending, even with the freaking weather that day. Maring had just entered our country that day. Some of my guests came all the way from Cavite, Bulacan and Pampanga! My gosh! Lakas ng magnet ni Kyle! Naks!


The question is.. Will I do this again? Doing it all by myself? Maybe yes, maybe no. DIY parties can be so fulfilling, especially when you see people admiring your work and knowing that you really did your best for your son. BUTTTTT.. Honestly, I really had a hard time breastfeeding while doing all of these. I’m very meticulous when it comes to doing projects so it actually stresses me to do all of these things especially if they do not conform with the timetable I prepared. I know.. I know… I should be calm but that’s my personality. So… Let’s see if I will do this again next year… or may be I’ll just do the party at my house… if I ever I learn how to cook or bake. Haha!


Nice huh?

My Suppliers for my Little Bochog’s Birthday Party. I will make a review for each soon. Stay tuned!

Food, Venue and Party Coordination: The Original Aristocrat Manila

Cake by: Kiddie Affairs

Cupcakes: Bakes by Marika and Luigi

Photos and Photobooth: Jacob Cruz of Mufftology

Video: Nino Ventura Films

Guestbook: My Ninang, Cherry Correa Layug

Kyle’s costume and shoes: Tots N’ Toddlers

The rest… it’s either Divisoria or our labor of love!

Stay tuned for my party suppliers review and party tips! It’s gonna be a party-and-fun filled August and September!




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4 thoughts on “Yay for Blessings! Our Little Bochog’s Kyle First Birthday Party!

  1. candice

    hi! i was just blog hopping, i thought you look familiar, you’re friends with eia pala, i saw you on instagram, then i looked at your fb, you also when to Halili? small world! :)
    anyway, great party! i love DIYs ganon din kmi nung 1st bday ng baby namin, as budgeted as possible at the same time may theme parin :)

    can’t wait to read more of your posts :)

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