The Birthmarks of Parenthood; Learning to accept my Post-Partum Body


Anyway…. Last gazillion months ago, I was featured in 24 Oras of GMA for my advocacy in loving post-partum bodies. Wow, advocate na pala ako. Haha! Never thought that I would be advocating for this. But it just happened. To tell you though, until now, I still find my body.. sort of… eeeeeekkkkkk.

If you’ve known me during my HS days, I was always fit. Even if I ate like a hungry hippo, sexy pa rin ako! Chos! But of course, I had a fitness regimen for every chocolate bar I finish. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not addicted to being fit. I love to eat so much! However, I needed to keep myself fit so that I can dance and avoid my asthma episodes whenever I climb up the stairs.

Birds of Prey Show (4 PM, Fuji Hawk Walk) (44)

That’s me! Sexy naman diba? Haha!

But then I got pregnant…


Oops. I should not be posting this picture until I get married, but, for the love of my new advocacy… Ta daaaaa!


I did not know I had stretch marks until I was 8 months pregnant. With the help of that picture above, I had my first glimpse of my battle scars! Kyle was growing in a direction that would not permit me to even wax my own bikini part. Haha! My OB-GYN, who was married to a dermatologist, presented me with products that I can apply to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks, but I knew it was too late. My mom bought me a expensive cream though, but I was too lazy to go to the mirror to apply those creams. Thank God, I did that! Later, I knew that there have been studies that those creams cause congenital defects to your baby! Don’t quote me on that.  SO YAY FOR MY LAZINESS!

I gained like 30 pounds when I was pregnant with Kyle. After my C-section, I saw what my pregnancy did to my waist. It was horrible! It’s like someone pasted a pizza dough on top of my stomach and filled it with dead veins i observed in my college anatomy classes. Because of that, I never checked my weight until Kyle was 3 months. I chose to live in denial because I knew that I can’t do anything about it and I was too exhausted to even think of getting up to lose all my baby fat. That’s why I didn’t have a picture of my half naked, post-partum body.

I can’t deny that I didn’t feel the shame or the fear of seeing my body after I gave birth. I felt that shame because I thought that I can’t be the same woman that people expected me to be. I felt the fear that I would be missing out on opportunities because my body would hinder me plus the fact that Marve won’t find me attractive anymore. Breastfeeding helped with process of making my body lose the weight, but my scars, the stretch marks were still there and, of course, my stomach wouldn’t be as flat like before. Unlike other women, I scar differently. You can notice it with my legs.  From  mosquito bites,  I get dark scars or keloids. So now, you can imagine how my stretch marks looked like after Kyle was born.  Until now, it doesn’t lighten up even after a year of post-partum.

Oh well, I just have to move on. Being sexy can’t just happen in a day and I know I have to work hard for it again. I’m not gonna feel guilty on having these extra pounds in my body. I’m busy being attached to Kyle and I just can’t stop being fond of his cuteness. Haha!  It was not easy accepting my body, believe me. But I’m getting there. With the help of family, especially Marve, it became easier for me to accept my body. Besides, I think Kyle loves the fact that I can be his human pillow. A soft one though. Haha! With regards with my stretch marks, oh well, it will have to lighten up soon anyway.

1 year post-partum. My Hot Momma Body.

Yep, that’s my body now. Big difference with my first picture above but I’m accepting it! I should’ve worn a two-piece at that time but I had no time to buy at the mall. So, just like my mom, I will  be wearing a spag strap as my beach outfit! Haha! 

Accept It! Tips to handle your new hot momma body.

  • Now, it’s your time to have an excuse to go shopping. Nowadays, there are so many fashion blogs from different people who have a curvy body type, that can help you choose clothes that will still make you look fab! It’s not the end of your fashionable world!
  • Breastfeeding will help you so much to lose that preggy weight. Yes, it will! Everytime you breastfeed, you will burn 500 calories. Good right? BUTTTTT!!! You should take note that you should not exceed more than 2000 calories when eating your meals. Ratio and proportion, my friend!
  • For those who will say that you are pregnant again because of your baby belly, just say yes, I’m still am. End of conversation. They just lack social skills.
  • Be healthy and happy. Remember that you can’t take care of your child well if you are sick or too stressed. You also can’t have the will to get rid of your baby fat if you have a negative mindset.
  • Exercise. Joke… Do house chores nalang. Come on! We have to do something physically. It’s not right that you’ll skip your fitness regimen just because you are exhausted.
  • STOP LOOKING AT THOSE CELEBRITY MOMS like Giselle Bundchen, Heidi Klum or Angelina Jolie. JUST STOP IT. They set an unrealistic expectation of how women are supposed to look and feel after giving birth. These moms are pressured to keep up with the great expectations of show business to the point that they are clinically depressed.
  • When going out with your baby, BABYWEAR him! In that way, you can hide your belly.
  • If you are worried about your sexuality… then talk to your husband or lover. Its better if you can get their point of view. If he can’t accept the change that happened in your body, then… well… Tell him to grow up. I don’t think Marve is the only guy who can accept post-partum bodies. Come on. That’s why we are over populated. You know what I mean. Haha!

At the end of the day, its what you think about your body that matters. Be proud of your battle scars and accept your post-partum body that carried and took care of your precious little one until it came out into this world. Be proud of what it has done. It is your birthmark for parenthood.

“Honor your unique status of being a mother. Wear your new body with pride.” – Unknown

Being a hot sexy momma cannot happen overnight, but it will happen. So hang in there girls! Be patient.

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