Baby’s Day Out Part II: Kyle in Boracay! + Tips in Bringing your Baby or Toddler at the Beach!

Now, let’s move on Kyle’s first time to Boracay!

So, after 4 days of staying in Malay, Aklan, we now braved the sea for a visit to Boracay! It was still raining that time though… but I had a  feeling that, this time, Mr. Sun would shine upon us this weekend.

Well… don’t be deceived by my photos’ filter. It was cloudy that time! Kaloka! We were excited pa naman!

We didn’t have any reservations though. Knowing my mom too well, it would take us a long time to find a resort that would meet her “expectations.”  Ang dami nun! While waiting for her to decide, Marve and Kyle walked around the beach with Boracay’s signature Willy’s Rock as our backdrop! Excited eh! Maybe because of that, his  legs grew stronger than before! Look at him now, 14 months palang, walking around on his own! Good effect of walking our baby along the white sand beach. I got hungry while mom and I were resort hunting, so I just asked mom to settle on Willy’s Beach Club Hotel along Boat Station 1 since she had stayed there before during a previous trip.

Oh, here is our room at Willy’s Beach Club Resort! Nice and big no?

Come to think of it, walk-in lang kami!   As the baby was with us, we were afraid of danger-prone stairs so we were relieved and fortunate that there was an available room on the ground floor for us to stay in!  The room we got was baby-friendly. We requested for the super king-size bed to be laid on the floor so that Marve, Kyle and I can sleep there. Dream bed! Mom slept at the smaller bed. Big diba?

He now has stronger legs! Yabang na oh!

Kyle was already tired and sleepy when we settled  on our room. We laid  him on the bed then BAM! Tulog ang bochog! Mom was also very tired after our resort hunting but she still volunteered to watch over Kyle while he was sleeping… so… it was date time for me and Marve! Oha!

Duck face never works for me… I know. Haha!

When we returned to our room, Kyle was still asleep. Darn! Sayang ang sun! When he woke up, the sun was already setting. Sad. The water was so cold and Kyle just wasn’t in the mood anymore. He even cried because of the cold air. That’s why I didn’t have any pictures at that time as I was too busy calming Kyle, with Marve making a fool of himself just for Kyle to lighten up. Anyway. It was was starting to rain when we went restaurant hopping for dinner so we just stepped inside the first restaurant (I can’t remember its name) we encountered and had dinner. The only thing I remembered was the big glass of mango shake we ordered. Anyway,  let’s move on to Day 2, our last day in Boracay!

Kyle was in a better mood that day as he had 9 hours of sleep! He was able to make up for the sleepless nights he had for the past few days. He even had a playmate, a slightly older child of our next door neighbor at the resort. Yehes! Kyle bonding with foreigners! 

Mr. Sun, however, was now hidden by clouds so it was cold, windy and overcast. Kyle still didn’t want to go to the deeper part of the sea so, he just played in the sand! Cute no?

After hours of playing along the sands of Boracay, Kyle slept again. He was really into sleeping, trying to catch up with all the sleepless nights we had. My gash! Sayang ang miles! Again mom volunteered to watch over him so, again, Marve and I again made fools of ourselves. Haha! Super baliw! As you can see the pictures were quite blurry as my camera lens had moisture inside because of the alternating hot-and-cold temperatures in Boracay! Reminded me to have my camera checked up!

Kyle was still sleeping when we returned to the resort by lunch time and he woke up like 3 pm! Grabe, 4 hours of afternoon nap! Good thing, the resort allowed us to have a late check-out! Thank you so much Willy’s! We really enjoyed our stay, however short it was. You still provided us excellent hospitality! Till’ our next Boracay trip! Yes, we have to go back as Kyle still has to brave the waters!

Our last lunch in Boracay at Willy’s Beach Club Hotel

1. As much as possible, bring your baby when he or she is a year older and learning to walk. For me, I just don’t want to risk my infant being exposed to variable temperatures. I am well aware that exposure to these things may give your child the immunity BUT why risk it? Besides, if I experienced some inconvenience with Kyle during our trip, what more with an infant.

2. Immunized your baby, especially if he/she is formula fed. There are reports that there was an outbreak of measles in Kalibo (a 1.5-hour drive from Caticlan) during our visit so, it’s better if your child is completely immunized from measles. In my case, my baby wasn’t vaccinated yet BUT I’m breastfeeding him exclusively. I only found out about this outbreak just last week. Darn. So yeah, I’m taking my chances with my belief in the power of breast milk.

3. Some resorts or hotels offer free use of baby’s crib. If you need one, make sure you confirm with the resort first. In my case, I just requested for a big bed on the floor.

4. Watch your baby at all times. Bring a yaya if you must. Nowadays, the term “family-friendly place” is doubtful so you really have to be very concerned with your baby’s welfare. Our beachfront had some nasty foreigner guests so, keep an eye on whoever your baby is playing with. Keep also in mind that kidnappers are everywhere. There are no CCTV cameras yet along the shore.

5. Book a room that is on the ground floor and along the beachfront. It will be safer for you and your baby not to be climbing up and down the stairs! PLUS, THE DANGER OF HAVING A BALCONY! Scary! Remember Michael Jackson? Besides,  it would be wise to have a room that is easy to reach in case you forgot to bring something.

6. Buy SPF 50 or higher. Invest on good sunblock! I recommend Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Spf 55 for your child. You can buy this at Cash and Carry or other stores that sells imported products. Reapply every 2 hours.

Remember: Even if it is rainy or cloudy, you still have to apply sunblock on your baby. Even if Mr Sun is somewhere hiding behind the clouds it doesn’t mean he is not around.

7. Let your  child walk around! Kyle was able to walk around our house on his own after our trip and we believe that it was because we allowed him to walk around the beach. Let him exercise!

8. In terms of feeding your baby, of course, I cannot recommend anything for formula feeding moms but if your are breastfeeding… BREASTFEED HIM OR HER ANYWHERE YOU WANT! There are a lot of foreigners who just take off their clothes and run naked around the beach, so why can’t you?! OHA!

9. Don’t bring toys anymore. Use whatever recyclable stuff you see around for digging a hole! Be earth-friendlyI’m sure those toys will just accumulate dust at your house! For Kyle, he just used his hands or our empty Wilkins 6-liter bottle for playing with the sand.

10. Protect your camera. If you are going to be swimming most of the time, just bring a waterproof camera. When you plan to leave your bag on lounge chairs near the shore or along the shore itself, remove the memory card and place it somewhere in your bag. If you plan to have a photoshoot, then that’s the time you should bring your SLR. You can leave it at your resort’s front-desk for safekeeping if you plan to swim again.

For SLR users, avoid exposing your camera under the extreme heat of the sun, in the rain or from the salty sea spray. Refer to your user’s manual. 

11. Bring diaper rash cream! Beaches usually have sand flies that can bite your children, so this would come in handy.

12. Use cloth or swim diapers. Be earth friendly when on the beach! Anyway, those disposable diapers won’t be able to contain extreme wetness.

13. Floaters and life savers. I wouldn’t want to say no with regards investing on this but, since I know I was only going to Boracay, just a 20-minute boat ride from Caticlan, I just bought along a regular life vest I bought from the department store. But, if you are the kind of family who often goes on vacations, then invest on a heavy-duty life vest.

14. Pack your baby’s food. If you have a diet plan for your family or if your baby is not yet into eating restaurant food, then you should pack your own food for the baby. For Kyle, he just feasted on fresh mangoes served from our resort’s restaurant!

15. Ditch the stroller. Sling your baby! Well, first of all, bringing a stroller looks weird in the beach. Second, it will be a hassle for you to drive it along the soft sand. Even transporting via boat will be hard, especially if you are bringing your baby’s closet! Uyyy, guilty tayo mga ina dyan! Over-packers!

16. For the mom, if you are conservative or a less liberated one, wear a swimsuit that will allow you to do mommy duties without giving everyone a peek of your nipples or whatever private parts we have. Mom na tayo eh. There are many available sexy one piece swimsuits around!

17. Set your expectations straight. Your pre-baby vacations will be drastically different from what you are going to experience with your baby on your beach trip. Before, I can swim, party, eat at different restaurants, do boat adventures and all the stuff in one day but, when you are with your baby, well.. maybe a swim and restaurant hopping is all you can do in a day. So yeah.. Don’t over plan everything.

18Don’t be a paranoid parent!!!!! Let your baby explore what nature has to offer! Sky is the limit BUT of course, be watchful! Hehe!

Now, share your beach adventures with me! Hope you enjoyed reading my mom’s post.


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2 thoughts on “Baby’s Day Out Part II: Kyle in Boracay! + Tips in Bringing your Baby or Toddler at the Beach!

  1. Kim

    Hi! I know this is one year late, but i’m going to boracay with my 1 year old soon and I’m so happy that I came across this blog post. Anyway, just want to ask, my child is not yet eating 100% restaurant food but but she does eat fruits though. Based on your experience, did you pack any food for Kyle when you were in Boracay or did you just depend on fruits the whole time? BTW, I’m also EBF-ing but sadly, the baby wants to eat more than drinking milk. :( Thanks for your advice! Iba pa rin kasi ang humingi ng advice sa naka-experience na. :)

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